SCBP website

South Community Birth Program

SCBP hired me to redesign and develop their website as well as all their online forms. Their website has a lot of content, so one of the big challenges was how to structure the informational hierarchy.

We broke down the content into different sections so we could define which information was most important to their current and future clients. The front page has several large calls to action to guide the clients’ way through the site, while still giving them easy access to continue to read further if they wish.

Electronic forms, a paperless clinic

One of the most important parts of the redesign was the design and development of their online forms. Unlike most other clinics, SCBP stores all their client charts, stationery and medical forms in a secure online system. Their old forms were all based on large images with traditional form elements on top, causing long download times and type that was difficult to read when they printed them out. Last year we started to build their forms from scratch using only html, css3 and jquery to speed up the process for the busy doctors and midwives. We also made sure the type was clear when they print them out.

SCBP lab req

In the end we wound up with a small framework that would ensure rapid development of all future forms and stationery, hereby cutting the cost of future development.

SCBP stationery