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Easy Storage is a storage facility outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. They hired me to design and develop a way for their clients to order a storage room online. But how do you organize 400 rooms in different price and size ranges and make it easy for clients to find what they need? We realized that the most important thing for visitors was the size of the room, so we divided the rooms into five categories based on this knowledge.

The visitors were shown the available rooms first with the monthly rental cost and location in the facility. Next is an option for pre-ordering rooms that will be available within 30 days, and lastly we decided to also show the occupied rooms in order to let visitors know how popular the facility is, and make them feel like they should order a room before there are none available.

This solution has proved extremely efficient. Soon after launch, all the room were occupied and Easy Storage recently opened a second facility. SEO also played a big part of the success. Within 3 months the site was in the top three with the five most important keywords.

Enter Easy Bot!

It very quickly became difficult to manage all the rooms, and we needed to come up with a solution for notifying the managers of missing contracts, rooms that are about to expire, rooms that needs to be cleaned etc.. So I developed Easy Bot. An email notification system that once a day checks all the rooms and reports any changes in the facility.

After Easy Bot was finished, the managers would receive a list of emails every morning telling them what needed to be done. This was coupled with a very simple admin page to help them simplify their daily tasks.

Easy Storage admin